• Third Eye Yoga has managed to introduce a relatively simple solution to an otherwise complicated and frustrating challenge for everyday yogis.

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  • Amazing!

    The snaps are awesome!! I struggled (and I know that most people do!) with a towel slipping around during yoga. I am super happy with this purchase, and I bought a few extra towels so that I always have a clean one for yoga class! The mat is also high quality and I use it without the towel for restorative yoga classes.

  • INSANE Quality

    This mat is the only mat my household uses. It’s probably the only mat I’ll ever need again, the quality is THAT good. No cheap fake material, no ripping or tearing or wearing down, I had another “big brand” mat and it wore out in less than a year, 6 months in and MyThirdEyeYoga may looks brand new. Seriously. Get this mat.

  • Great System for Heated Classes

    I have been using this mat and towel system for the past few months and love it especially for heated classes. I had used other mats and towels in the past and they consistently slipped through out practice. It has definitely improved my flow!

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Get more out of every moment

Our yoga mat & towel system is designed to enhance performance, improving your workouts with a more focused experience by decreasing the need to readjust, move or realign your towel to your mat.

A life-changing invention that will help you get the most out of every session.

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  • Anti-Skid Top Layer

    Our quick drying and absorbent microfiber towels have silicone dots on the backside for added grip against the anti-skid top layer of our eco-friendly mats.

  • Anti-Sweat & Moist

    Closed-cell technology keeps sweat and moisture out, so there's no nasty smells or discoloration.

  • Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly

    Our towels are made with antibacterial microfiber. Our mats are non-toxic (natural and PU rubber), complying with environmental standards in both North America and Europe.